SMH Technologies

SMH Technologies is a global, independent, high-tech company, leader for "In System Programming" in the electronic production, with Integrated Process. 

We develop through our own know how, combined with strategic alliances close to the most important Silicon and ATE Producers, a complete range of devices for production lines, and our Series of FR programmers  are able to offer high flexibility and productivity. 

SMH's Programmers are the key to success in mass production processes. Several of the biggest names in the OEM/EMS world, adopted FlashRunner as the best solution for programming  Electronic Boards.

Our Sales organization, is established by a global network of distributors, system integrators, partners and industrial experts in more than 30 countries, that are in connection with SMH HQ’s in Italy in order to assist Customers worldwide.


Important features FlashRunner:

·    Universal In-System Engine, Programmer

·    Supports most popular microcontrollers and memories

·    Faster programming run time

·    Optimized programming algorithms, as fast as target device’s memory technology  limit

·    Logging System innovative

·    Detailed error report and traceability

·    Easy ATE


Much more in our products:

·    Programming of uCs

·    Programming of serial memories

.    Multiple programming (up to  32 devices in true parallel)

·    Multiple programming of different devices in the same time


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