Epson Legacy Handlers – services

 Since 2017, Jtron SAP is Epson’s authorized service provider to the Epson’s legacy pick-n-place test handlers, namely the NS7xxx, NS6xxx, NS5xxx. Besides providing sales and supports for spare parts, Jtron also provides upgrades and improvement add-ons to the handlers to improve efficiency and productivities, restoration works, trading of pre-owned equipment.

 Some of the key upgrades/improvement projects are:

(1) NS6040 Input Shuttle Knocker
(2) NS6040 Unloader Tray (Rail) Knocker
(3) NS6040 Auto Empty Tray Loader/Unloader
(4) NS6040 Tray Gripper
(5) NS6040 SSD hard-disks
(6) NS6040 “SKIP ENABLE” Switch
(7) NS7000 Tray Gripper
(8) NS7000 Chamber Lights
(9) NS7000 Alignment Kit for Shuttle Sensors

 Please contact us for further assistance.